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What You Should Know about the Cubiertas Plana

A Cubiertas plana is used on many commercial properties. However, it can also be used on residential properties as well. Whether you are considering a flat roof for your home or business, you may not know as much about this type of roofing system as you may want to. The following information is designed to help you know and understand the flat roof so that you can make a more informed decision.


This type of roof is generally less expensive than a pitched roof. The reason for this is due to the flat surface. It is easier to work on something that is flat. It is also easier to maintain since the flat surface is easier and safer to walk on and work on.


More homeowners are considering the flat roof these days because of the flat, streamlined look. Depending on the style of your home, this may provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing roof line. Some homeowners who have contemporary style homes simply like this type of look better.


This style of roof is made to be durable. You don't have to worry about shingles blowing away or lifting. These roofing systems can last for up to 25 years or more.

Benefits of Bóvedas en acrilico

These windows are not something that every flat roof has, but enough of them have been having them installed that you should have some information about these as well. While these bubble-like windows are often seen on commercial buildings, homeowners are now considering having Bóvedas en acrilico installed on their roofs. There are some benefits to doing this.

  • Allows more natural light to enter

  • Helps keep the space warmer during cold weather thanks to the sunlight

  • Save money on electricity – The added light may minimize the use of electricity during the day.

  • They can be pleasing to look at as they add interest to the roof.

The roof of your home or business has a very important job to do. This does not mean that it can't look great while it is doing the job. The flat roof is an excellent option for the person who wants something that is inexpensive, provides an aesthetically appealing look, and is built to last. It is actually nice to see this style of roof being used on more and more structures. It is an excellent option in roofing.

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